Believe Big

Meltdown is proud to be a location for the creation of “Believe Mugs” for the non-profit organization, Believe Big.

Create a Believe Mug at Meltdown and once fired, it will be given to Believe Big. Volunteers for Believe Big package the mugs with information on the organization and supportive messages, then visit local cancer treatment centers to give the mugs to people battling cancer.

Mugs are $15 each, and are tax-exempt. No discounts apply. We encourage customers to create a Believe Mug any time they’re feeling artsy or looking for something fun to do!  You can also book a mug-painting event with friends, co-workers, religious groups (all are welcome!), scout troops, sports teams, etc.  Creating Believe Mugs together is a great team-building opportunity.

  • Single mugs– No appointment necessary.  Seating is first-come, first-served.
  • Groups of 6 or fewer– No appointment necessary.  Seating is first-come, first-served.
  • Groups of 7-20 during NON-PEAK hours (Start times Monday-Wednesday between 10-7, Thursday & Friday between 10-4, Sundays 9 AM) are welcome to book our private party area.  Minimum 7 participants. Email us to arrange your event.
  • Groups of 7-20 during PEAK hours (Any day CCPS are not in session, Thursday & Friday after 5 PM, Saturdays, and Sundays between 12-5 PM) can book the private party area with a commitment to create at least 13 mugs.  People can paint more than one mug to meet this minimum.  Use the PEAK HOURS button to the right to book your event online.
  • Groups of more than 20 can schedule during NON-PEAK hours (Monday-Wednesday 10-8, Thursday & Friday 10-5, Sundays 9-10:30 AM) Use the email form to your right to inquire about scheduling an event.
  • OFFSITE EVENTS–  We are happy to organize offsite mug parties!  We will provide your group (minimum 10 mugs)

Thank you for being a part of Believe Big’s mission to help families navigate their cancer journey!  For more information about Believe Big, please visit