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  • Flex Pricing.  This is the most common option for adult parties where each guest pays for their own project.  In a Flex Pricing event, your guests can choose any of our walk-in projects. Check out the “Make Stuff” page to view options.
  • Set Pricing.  This option works for those who wish to pay for all or a portion of their guests’ projects.  In a set pricing event, we will arrange a set price that you will be putting towards your guests’ projects.  Upon arrival, we will let your guests know that amount.  If they wish to spend more than that on a project, they can pay the difference.
  • Minimum:  Major Meltdowns have a $200 minimum.  Once your guests have all chosen a project, we will calculate the total (after discounts) of the items.  This total must meet the minimum amount of $200.  If not, we will let you know immediately just in case you’d like to change pieces to meet the minimum.  If minimum is not met once all pieces are finalized, a room fee will be equivalent to $200-[party total].  For instance, if the items total $175, a room fee of $25 would be assessed.  Because most adults choose to create pieces between $25-$30, groups of 8 or more typically meet the minimum requirement.
  • Duration:  Parties are booked in two-hour time blocks.  For adult parties, especially when you are bringing food, we recommend you consider booking additional time for your event.  Up to an additional hour of time (1/2 hour before slated start time and/or 1/2 hour past slated end time) can be purchased at the rate of $20 per half hour.  If your party has not vacated the room 15 minutes past slated end time, the $20 is automatically taken from the deposit amount.
  • Deposit:  When booking the party, you will place a $50 deposit to reserve the room. We will issue a $50 gift card and have it for you at the event so that you can use it to pay for your project.  If there is a remaining balance on the card, it can be used for any other purchase that night or on a future visit to Meltdown.  NOTE:  If minimum is not met (see above), the room fee may be charged to your deposit card.
  •  Discounts:
    • Guests who choose a project that is regularly priced at $25 or more will enjoy a 15% discount.
    • Discounts apply to a single item per person and can not be combined with other offers, including any items that have tiered pricing options (wine glass painting, fused glass kits and frit molds, etc.)
    • Promotional gift cards (denoted with “PC” on the card) can not be used in combination with discounts.

**Note that in a Major Meltdown, projects are not done “paint night” style with guided, step-by-step instruction.  Instead, and as always at Meltdown, our employees are available to assist each customer with their project of choice.  Major Meltdowns are PERFECT for groups that don’t all want to make the same thing!

If you are interested in a private canvas or board painting night, CLICK HERE for details.

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