Office Parties & Teambuilding

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Meltdown DiY Art Studio is a great place to bring your staff for some team-building!  Depending on your goal, there are a few different options for your group:

  • Just for fun!  If you’re simply looking for a place where you can relax, talk, and get creative together, we recommend booking a Major Meltdown.  In this party package, guests can choose any project they’d like to create.  Most projects fall between $25-$35. If you’d like to pay for all or a portion of each guest’s project, that’s possible, too.  Click HERE to learn more about our Major Meltdown party.
  • Work Together!  If you’re looking for a specific, team-building event, we would LOVE to work with you to design an event that will incorporate the needs of your group.  We have some great projects that target things like building communication skills, working together as a team, following step-by-step instruction, getting to know one another, building confidence, and more!  Contact us to discuss what you’d like to work on and we’ll come up with a project that suits your needs and fits your budget.  Projects start at $20 per person.  Price will vary based on the piece and project decided upon.