Full on Meltdown- What’s Your Word? (ages 10+) Deposit:




Full On Meltdown What’s Your Word? Pricing:  $250 for up to 10 guests.  Each additional guest $22.

One of our FAVORITE parties!  We’ll have each participant brainstorm a single word (such as “Believe”, “Inspire”, “Love”, “Read”, “Play”, “Persevere”, etc. ) that speaks to them for some reason.  Meltdown staff will teach everyone some basic metal stamping and hand-lettering techniques.  After practicing a bit, guests will stamp the word they’ve chosen into either a cuff bracelet or a 1.25″ pendant.  They will also paint a 4″-6″ wooden block and then use a marker to write the word on their block using hand-lettering techniques.   Each time you attend a What’s Your Word party, you can choose a different word.  Blocks will stack, so over time, you can create a fun collage with all of your inspiring words.

Acrylic paints will stain clothing.  We will provide smocks, however it’s a good idea to have guests dress accordingly. NOTE:  This party is offered ONLY for kids turning 10 and up, teenagers and adults.  We do NOT recommend this party if you will have guests under the age of 9.  

Parties are held in Meltdown’s PRIVATE PARTY AREA with seating for up to 20 guests and include:

  •  A designated party assistant to guide the kids through their project for some truly fantastic results!
  • Two hours in the party area*.
  • The Guest of Honor will also receive a Meltdown signature t-shirt.  The guests write birthday messages with a fabric marker for a fun memento of the special day!
  • Generic plates, napkins, and utensils available if needed.

*If you wish to have more than 2 hours in the room, up to an additional hour of time (1/2 hour before slated start time and/or 1/2 hour past slated end time) can be booked at the rate of $20 per half hour.  Additional time is typically NOT necessary for kids’ parties.  Please note that if your party has not vacated the room 15 minutes past slated end time, $20 is automatically charged against your party deposit.