Full on Meltdown- Ceramics (Ages 8+) Deposit:




Full on Meltdown Ceramics Pricing:  $225 for up to 10 painters.  $20 per additional painter.

Our Full on Meltdown: Ceramics party allows older kids (ages 8 and up) more flexibility in choices.  Guests can choose anything in the party room OR ceramic items in the studio priced $25 or less.

Parties are held in Meltdown’s PRIVATE PARTY AREA with seating for up to 20 guests and include:

  •  A designated party assistant to guide the kids through their project for some truly fantastic results!
  • Two hours in the party area*.
  • The Guest of Honor will also receive a Meltdown signature t-shirt.  The guests write birthday messages with a fabric marker for a fun memento of the special day!
  • Generic plates, napkins, and utensils available if needed.

*If you wish to have more than 2 hours in the room, up to an additional hour of time (1/2 hour before slated start time and/or 1/2 hour past slated end time) can be booked at the rate of $20 per half hour.   Additional time is typically NOT necessary for kids’ parties.  Please note that if your party has not vacated the room 15 minutes past slated end time, $20 is automatically charged against your party deposit.