Meltdown DiY Art Studio is honored to offer programs and ideas to help members of our community get creative for a cause! Fundraising programs are available to organizations with valid Federal ID (FEIN) numbers.* See programs below for specific requirements and minimums for participation. If you are raising money for an individual or group with no Federal ID, contact us to inquire about turning one of our regular party options into a fundraiser.

Auction Program

Meltdown DiY Art Studio has a WONDERFUL program* in which you can make one-of-a-kind items to for the auction. WOW bidders with pieces that are sure to earn top dollars for your organization! You’ll get great discounts on projects (starting at 25%) and finished work options are available if you prefer for us to do the design work. We’ve had reports of these items raising anywhere from $20 to $200!! Contact us to plan projects for your next event:

*Available for organizations with a valid Federal I.D. number (typically churches and schools). Allow a minimum of 2 weeks to create your projects. Must provide auction procurement letter on organization letterhead and include FEIN and tax-exempt i.d. number if applicable. 

Pottery Prize Packs

Our “Pottery Prize Pack” for door prizes and raffles includes a piece of pottery and a 10% off coupon packaged and ready to display. The winner brings the pottery in to the studio to paint it, and the coupon can be used by friends and family who join them that day!

*Must present procurement letter (donation request) on official letterhead, and information on event venue for validation. One pack per event. 

DiY for Dollar$

Families from your organization come in to get creative at Meltdown DiY Art Studio during a scheduled two-day time period and 15%* of sales go back to your organization.

*Available for organizations with a valid Federal I.D. number (typically churches and schools). We will create a form to be distributed by your organization. Forms must be presented at check-out. At the end of the scheduled two-day event, we’ll tally up totals and issue a check to your organization. DiY for Dollars events are scheduled Thursday-Friday, excluding school holidays. 

Gather & Give

Groups of 10-50 gather at Meltdown for some creative FUNdraising. Multiple sessions can be arranged for larger groups. Choose to create either a plate, bowl or mug.

$20 per person

$5 per project goes back to your organization**

*Must present documentation that the event is sponsored by an organization with a valid Federal ID number, as well as Tax-Exempt ID when applicable.

**Gather & Give events can be held off-site, as well. If held off-site, $8 per project goes back to the organization. Minimum 20 for Gather & Give To Go events where we send all materials and instruction for your event. Minimum of 50 guests for a Meltdown staff member to attend the event and provide instruction. Contact us to discuss an off-site event: