Wet Clay

Create projects from slabs of wet clay!  You can walk in any time to create projects in wet clay.  We will show you how to use a slab (flat piece) of clay to create the following types of projects*:

  • Plaques, hand/foot/paw impressions
  • Garden Stones
  • Fairy/Toad Houses
  • Cups, pencil crocks, vases, etc.
  • Dishes from plate molds
  • Seasonal projects

*NOTE: Sculpting is not offered on a walk-in basis, as it involves higher level skills in order for the piece to survive a kiln firing.  Paw prints can only be done by management with a pre-arranged appointment.  Clay projects require 2 visits to Meltdown DiY Art Studio to complete.  They typically take about 3 weeks from start to finish. Please plan accordingly.  We’ll see you soon to get your hands in the mud!